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Aaron Lerer is a musician, singer and composer from Paris, France. He is a member of the Gibson Generation Group, which counts only 13 members worldwide. He recently moved to Boston, MA, where he attends the prestigious Berklee College Of Music. 

He began music at the early age of 5, with piano, but picked up guitar at 14, and fell in love with the instrument pretty quickly. He started posting videos on social networks like Instagram at age 17, and worked with big brands such as Gibson Guitars. 

Studying Jazz at IMEP Paris College Of Music from 2020 to 2022, he recently moved to study at Berklee College Of Music in Contemporary Writing and Music Production, and composed for several artists there. 

He's also working with his own band on original music and working on two singles before his EP planned for 2024.

"When I saw my cousin (Jarod ;)) picking up the guitar, I couldn't help but wanted to try it. I've always been curious, and searched for new things to learn. I started composing at the age of 16, but I decided I wanted to sing my songs quite later. At first, I would compose a song by playing over a chord progression I liked, and try to modify it to make it my own. But today, I take inspiration from everything that surrounds me, a honk can inspire me a whole song" 

His first single, So Long, is out since April 14th, co-produced with his good friends Eli Yacinthe and John Maddrey.

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